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I first took up photography seriously about 27 years ago after buying my first serious camera, a Nikon 35mm SLR film camera. 

In those pre-digital days there was a lack of options for working in colour, as printing was not something easily done at home. This limitation drew me to black & white photography, which was far more accessible in terms of developing and printing my own images. 

I have retained my love of black & white photography ever since, even after the transition to digital imaging allowed me to move into colour photography.


Having never been particularly interested in photographing people, over time I was drawn to photographing landscapes and architectural images above other subjects. This was mainly due to my fascination with the natural world and love of being in the great outdoors.


My favourite subjects to photograph are mountains and water in the landscape, such as coastlines, waterfalls, and streams. I love the scale and raw beauty of the mountains, and the way the light and weather conditions can change from one minute to the next. With water images it’s the contrast between the hard, sharp rocks and the smooth water that can be created by a long exposure that interests me. 

For architectural photography I am interested in the shape, forms, and textures of the buildings. I mainly photograph these subjects in black & white as I feel these types of images benefit from the removal of colour.


I have been awarded the distinction of Associate of the Royal Photographic Society, having submitted a panel of landscape images for judgement. The RPS is the world’s oldest, and most prestigious photographic society. I have also exhibited and sold my photography at several galleries over the years. 


In the past I have worked as a commercial photographer, working on projects for local tourism, and various other corporate assignments.

I have also taught photography and digital processing at a further education college

Until recently I was the Creative Director of a major, award winning,  animation studio specialising in medical and scientific communication. This allowed me to enjoy photography as a hobby, and afforded me the opportunity to work on my own personal projects. In June 2022 I retired from this career and now I am able to spend even more time on my photography.


I live in Warwickshire, in the heart of England.  

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