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It's a reasonable question to ask in this age of online viewing, cloud storage, and mobile phone photography.

I still believe that the best way to view a photograph is as a well presented print. Having a physical object in your hand, or on the wall encourages the viewer to spend longer studying the image, making the experience more lasting.


As a photographer, making prints can encourage improvements in technique. When printed large, any focusing issues, or artefacts resulting from bad post-production, such as haloing, over-sharpening and many other faults become very evident. Something that can often go unnoticed when viewed small on a screen.  

The main reason for printing however is that it is an enjoyable part of the photographic process, whether the prints are produced in a traditional darkroom, or on an inkjet printer.

Many of the images on this website are available for sale as prints.

If you would like discuss purchasing a print, please enquire on the contact page.

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